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Friday foibles…..

Ok, it’s a day late so we will have to think about it as a project for a future weekend.

I can get very excited just moving a picture, a flower arrangement or even replacing a sink.

This is my most favorite sink out of all my remodels..I would love to find a place to put it in

every house I ever live in.  Forget expensive Waterworks, all you need is an old dresser or to first

replace your bathroom counter and add a new sink.  Here she is the Petal Sink

Petal Sink
American Standard Petal Sink

More importantly, she will ship free to your door, no taxes from Faucet Depot  for $247

A plumber would need to install a wall mount faucet if you want the look above, or replace your “surface mount”

faucet with one that has a longer reach to accomodate the sink.   and wah lah….

a bathroom redo for less than $1000.  Just rat hole some money from your tax return.

Is’nt she lovely


One comment on “Friday foibles…..

  1. shellie collins
    February 25, 2012

    If only I had a daughter – this would be ordered TODAY for her bathroom!! Luv it!!

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