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Monday “moiday”

Believe it or not, I am happy to send my chickens off to school on Mondays.

But then it means domestic chores.  You have to love the “WASH” knobs.

You can find them at Michaels for $1.29 each and just imagine the possibilities;

SPARKLE, CLEAN, DIRTY for your laundry cabinets or bath.

It’s the mundane chores always start me rearranging….the buffet, the mantle, a tabletop…and then

oops, FOCUS!   Wait, just a few fresh flowers? “Trix” are the fabulous mossy looking loveys

in the zinc vases.  When you see the stem of “trix” you will think, carnation, and I

think they are sweet and stylish, even just three.

A spring Monday makes me want to plant lots

of lavender and make my home look like a French Villa.

And your thinking really all that on just a Monday?

“moi” 2/27

P.S. The small Mercury Vases, pillow covers and salt-cellar boxes will be available at my beeTemps Spring Soiree

Keep checking back for the location.  It will all come together to pooze up your spring tablescapes.



One comment on “Monday “moiday”

  1. dena
    February 27, 2012

    i am so impressed and proud of you!! can’t wait for more ideas!!

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