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Easter Foibles and Tulipiere’s

Spray paint and kids makes for an interesting combo. But away we will go.

My kids love to contribute to the holiday tablescapes wherever we are.

I’m hoping that if we open up plastic eggs, flat side down we can spray away.

We can recreate this easy pesy

Now, if I only new how, I should have ordered the tulipiere vase directly from China.  I just called to check stock and they are backordered until April 30.  I could have sold 100’s. So those of you that have one on your table ReJOicE!

And now a little history.  At the height of “tulip mania” in the mid 1600’s when 1 tulip bulb cost as much as 1 oxen or 1,000 pounds of cheese, these delicate flowers could not be put in any vase. Holland’s tulip fiends collaborated with Delft to produce what we know as the Tulipiere, an uber vase designed to show off a bunch of precious flowers to their best individual advantage…and so the tulipiere was born!  A modern version ….

coffee table object

My version coming next week

At 17" high, symmetry lovers will want 2

In my younger days I would have attempted a brussels sprout topiary

But anyone could do this in just mintutes

I noticed my friend Christie had two wire baskets on a garage shelf….they would be perfect with a few green plants, eggs, ribbon at both ends and a chocolate bunny.

This might take a few more minutes

You can see more at Eddie Ross blogspot

Hoping you have a beautiful table, blessed family weekend and a

Happy Easter, Debra


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