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Wondering Wednesday about Color & Mood

I learned so much from my taping with Tobi Fairley and CreativeLIVE

House Beautiful sponsored the event and I figure I must have read 2,900 issues to date

Visually I will look at rooms thru new eyes


This bedroom I read as grey and feel…..

serene and restfull


If you add just five yellow, warm like the sun elements

I read the room as yellow and it invigorates me to get the day moving


Move around the color wheel  a little warmer to coral accents and I may not get up and go,

I may terry a bit and certainly feel enthusiastic about the day

bedroom_design_ideas (1)

Turn up the dial with some saturated yellow, fushia, then a pop of purple and I may

start to daydream, knowing I should jump up ……


More purple and a couple of blue accents reads as so indulging and romantic


Remove just 3 color elements and your back to bedroom one

And your trip around the color wheel accenting grey is done.

You can pick up 5 items from around your own home and

change the look, the feel of …… (not cotton)

the fabric of our lives

in just 5 minutes, try it!


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