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Gold, Grapes, Grand New Traditions

In South America, it is lucky to wear special underwear on New Year’s Eve.

 The most popular color yellow, is supposed to bring wealth and red, is supposed to bring love.


Russians write down a wish, burn it, put the ashes in a glass of champagne,

and drink before 12:01 and the wish will come true

The Spanish eat 12 grapes, one for each month of prosperity in the New year


In Denmark, Danes jump off a chair as a group

Leaping into the new year is said to banish bad spirits and bring good luck



The Greeks believe New Year’s Day to be the luckiest of the 365

so playing cards, rolling the dice and buying a lottery ticket are parts of their tradition.

Lady Luck is really smiling on you if you get the gold coin when the new year cake is cut!

In the Phillipines round shapes represent coins, & are thought to symbolize wealth and prosperity (ie bundt cake)

Put on your new lucky underpants, pass out lottery tickets, label your empty champagne glasses (use a dry erase marker for names)

Burn your wish & add ashes, champagne or sparkling cider (kids) and skewer of grapes to the glass

Countdown with your grapes, jump off a chair, drink your wish and look for the coin in the cake

So run to the grocery



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